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Website analytics is all about understanding the demographics of the visitors to your website. We can create custom reports based on the metrics that are important to you and your business. Heat maps can identify how your website visitors are using your site. They show the areas where people are spending their time on and what buttons and links they're clicking on. Heat maps can be used for short periods of time to adjust a website or for extended periods of time to analyze the website traffic over time.

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We have been independently rated as one of the top web design agencies in Northern CA. The vast majority of our customers are brought to us through referrals. We're proud of the fact that over the last 6 years, two of our projects were not referrals. We understand the hassle of website design and work to make the process simple. In fact, before we were web developers, we hired web developers and based our business philosophy on both the bad experiences from web design agencies and what we liked about web design agencies. It’s through this process that helped to shape us into one of the top rated web design agencies around.

Thank you for making the process of redesigning of our 130 page website so easy.

-- Scott Lovotti Lovotti Inc.

You know better than to trust a strange computer!

-- C3PO

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We design websites. Our main focus is to provide your customer with an ideal experience when they visit your website. We’re ranked as one of the top web design companies in Northern California.

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