Small businesses with gross receipts of one million dollars and less or those that employ 30 or fewer employees are eligible for the ADA tax credit. Use IRS Form 8826 for these tax benefits (the Disabled Access Credit), and reference Title 26, Internal Revenue Code, Section 44. Tax credits differ from tax deductions—a deduction reduces taxable income and, therefore, the tax owed. Conversely, a tax credit gets subtracted from the tax owed later in the process. For example, you can take a 50% credit up to $10,000 for expenditures over $250, resulting in a $5,000 maximum credit.



  • How Does the ADA Tax Credit Apply To Web Accessibility?

    The ADA tax directly impacts businesses that develop accessible websites. Qualifying expenditures cover numerous accessibility practices or integration categories. In addition, here are some key variables to consider in your annual accessibility fee:

    • Homepage modifications
    • Page format and hierarchy
    • Live chat services
    • All related content
    • File and media fixes
  • What Are the Conditions of the ADA Tax Credit?

    The ADA tax credit can be applied for and earned annually. However, you can’t carry expenditures over to claim a credit exceeding the prior year’s expenditure limit. But, if the credit amount you’re entitled to exceed the taxes owed, you can roll the unused portion into the following year.

    The tax credit covers the following accessibility and ADA-related expenditures:

    • Web accessibility & optimization
    • Language interpreters
    • Adaptive equipment
    • Printed materials
    • Elimination of physical obstacles
    • General consulting

  • Is the ADA Tax Credit a One-Time Deal?

    Fortunately, you can get this credit any year your website meets ADA compliance requirements. However, you can’t use the ADA tax credit with other credits in your tax returns. But this tax break should be incentive enough to update your site for ADA conformance regularly.

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